Saturday, April 30, 2011


When i talk about my dream,i have a load of dream that couldn't really realize.
When i mention about dream, how many of us really think of our own dream.
Or do you ever think of making your own dream come true.
I tried but failed. I will try again and again.
I always try to make my dream come true.
I became basketball team.
I sang on the stage.
I acted drama.
and i won prizes which i could expect it in my life.
These were what i did in my secondary school.
But now i am in my university, i never try to do what i dream.
While i was in my engineering.
I asked myself for million of times.
Am i in the right field
What is my dream,engineer?
I know it clearly,it isn't.
Now i am in Corporate Comm 1st year.
What did i trying to chase this time.
My dream?
I still remember one video i have watched.
When we are still a kid, we can be whatever we want to be.
We watched superman and we jump from tall place as we can fly.
We watched astronaut and we put round aquarium on our head.
But as I experienced failure i became dumb.
may be failure has been numbing me away from dream.
i almost forgot the taste of successful.
For what i experienced recently.
it hurt me deeply. The masquerade ball night.
It was one of my dream to organize once in my life.
But i failed to make it my own Ball night.
Even though my teammate helped me to did it but the successful is not mine.
How many people know that i am deeply frustrated during the time where it started.
Dream cracked into pieces.
It is hurt.But it passes anyway.
Now i should put my head into what i wanted to do.
I must stand up like a man.
C H I L L^^

Monday, January 31, 2011


a word which can represent many things for different ppl...
it might juz a word...
it might juz a relationship...
for me...friend is forever...
i juz cant explain it...
it can be very simple...
we can laugh together...
we can talk together...
even when we are sharing an extra spicy hot dog...
we experiencing the spiciness of the hotdog...we can still laugh even we're suffering...
if u wan me to name my friend...
i can say i cant name it all...
there are too many to name...
but if u say true friend..
which can share...either good or bad
which can really help...
i think i couldnt have much...
but i am appreciate every each of them...
thank god that i have them in my life...
i wouldnt have that much of fun without them in my life...
i appreciate every moment with them when i am with them..
because i know...
we are not goin to stay near all the time...
we are not goin to cant all the while...
but we are link every second...
thx for giving me another fantastic night...
thx guys...

Friday, July 23, 2010

wedding dress...

since the day i met you boy, you were more than just a friend
i knew you were wit her, but you said things weren't so good then
deep down inside i felt there was a chance for me
every time i made you laugh was like the biggest victory
i tried to find the right time to tell you how i felt
but i was afraid you saw me as a friend & nothing else
every second we spent together, i wouldn't trade for anything
but then you told me that you gave her an engagement ring
i've been thinkin' bout what we could've been
i could've been your baby
i shoulda told you how i felt back then
and now i'm crying all these tears inside
'cuz i can't stand to see you with her
i'll walk away from all this hope that we'll be together
but in my head i know
that could've been my wedding dress
oh that could've been my wedding dress
i remembered when i tried to date these other guys
but in the back of my mind, it was me & you; you & i
there was that moment when you looked into my eyes
and i saw that you knew what i felt & held inside
for a second i read that you felt the same
but then she called your cellphone & took it that moment away
wish i coulda said the words i needed to say
but i can't now.. 'cuz it's too late

Wedding dress...

Never shd've let you go
Never found my self at home
Ever since that day that you walked right out the door
You were like my beating heart
That I, I cant control
Even though we've grown apart
My brain can't seem to let u go
Thinking back to the old times
Whne you kept me up late at night
We use to mess around
Laugh and play, fuss and fight
I guess it's too late
I'm dancing this dance alone
This chapter's done the story goes on
Cant believe that you are not with me
Cause you should be my lady
All i want is to set you heart free
But is you believe that you belong with him
Promise me, you wont let anyone hurt you
Remember, i will always be here for you even if it kills me to see you
In that wedding dress
Oh see you in the wedding dress
See you in the wedding dress
Oh see you in the wedding dress
Snapping out the misery
Depresison this ain't me
But i always turn around 180 degree
You got control of me
And I, I cant explain
Somebody call 911 emergency before i gone insane
Since you've moved on
You took a piece of me give it back
So much pain in my chest
Blacking out, heart attack
I guess it's too late
I'm dancing alone
It's too late
And i see you with your man
And it's hard to understand
If we belong, If i did you wrong
Where we even began
We would always fuss and fight
And it seems nothing was right
But i loved you girl and you were my world
But you'd never trust this guy
Cause the things i do when i'm on the stage
They say i'm a superstar
You couldn't undestand all the female fans
And then we grew apart
And i just don't get
When you're acting like someone other person
but i try my best to hold on at the times when it ain't working
And everytime that you say it's over
It breaks my heart and i don;t know why
Cause you've done it a lot of times
In the past but i get back up and try
You said we could work it out
How could you hurt me now
And you moved on to the next
I;m left with an imperfect smile

wedding dress

Some say it's not over till it's over
Guess this is really over now
there's something i gotta say before i let u go
When u have a fight with him
Sometimes u cry and feel sad and blue i become hopeful
My heart aches secretly
Then just a hint of your smilecan make feel fine again
To keep u from figuring put how i feel about u cos then we would drift apart
i hold my breath bite my lips
Oh,please leave him and come to me
Baby,please dun take his hand
cos u should be my lady
I've been waiting for you so long
Please look at me now
When the music starts you will vow to spend the rest of life with him
How i prayed every night this day would never come
The wedding dress you're wearing
It's not me (next to you)
Oh, the wedding dress u're wearing,oh no
You never knew how i felt about you and i hated u so
Sometimes i wished u would be unhappy
Now i have no more tears left to cry
When i'm by myself i talk to you like u're here
I've felt so restless every night
May be i've known all along this would happen
I close my eyes and dream an endless dream
Please leave him and come to me

Wednesday, July 21, 2010



Monday, June 21, 2010