Saturday, April 30, 2011


When i talk about my dream,i have a load of dream that couldn't really realize.
When i mention about dream, how many of us really think of our own dream.
Or do you ever think of making your own dream come true.
I tried but failed. I will try again and again.
I always try to make my dream come true.
I became basketball team.
I sang on the stage.
I acted drama.
and i won prizes which i could expect it in my life.
These were what i did in my secondary school.
But now i am in my university, i never try to do what i dream.
While i was in my engineering.
I asked myself for million of times.
Am i in the right field
What is my dream,engineer?
I know it clearly,it isn't.
Now i am in Corporate Comm 1st year.
What did i trying to chase this time.
My dream?
I still remember one video i have watched.
When we are still a kid, we can be whatever we want to be.
We watched superman and we jump from tall place as we can fly.
We watched astronaut and we put round aquarium on our head.
But as I experienced failure i became dumb.
may be failure has been numbing me away from dream.
i almost forgot the taste of successful.
For what i experienced recently.
it hurt me deeply. The masquerade ball night.
It was one of my dream to organize once in my life.
But i failed to make it my own Ball night.
Even though my teammate helped me to did it but the successful is not mine.
How many people know that i am deeply frustrated during the time where it started.
Dream cracked into pieces.
It is hurt.But it passes anyway.
Now i should put my head into what i wanted to do.
I must stand up like a man.
C H I L L^^

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